TSF ESA reduces the difficulties of finding good, short-term consultants by sourcing them from its quality assured consultant network.

How we work

1. Defining technical support needs

The TSF ESA helps clients and partners to clarify needs and proactively map and plan for technical support to enhance their outcomes. We work with our clients to refine Terms of Reference (TORs) to ensure that technical support is strategic and matches the client’s needs.

2. Sourcing the right consultants

The TSF ESA makes it easy to identify well-performing, short-term consultants by sourcing them from its quality-assured consultant network.

The network consists of an up-to-date database of highly qualified consultants with experience in current and emerging technical support needs. The database is continually updated to help maintain links with skilled and experienced individuals across the Eastern and Southern African regions.

In order to maintain the high quality consultant pool, the TSF ESA helps to facilitate opportunities for mentoring, guidance and other professional development activities for these individuals in collaboration with our regional and global partners.

3. Contract management and quality assurance

To ensure that our clients get the most from technical support services, the TSF ESA undertakes consultant contracting and monitors their work during each assignment. TSF ESA also provides ongoing support to clients to ensure optimal results from all of the assignments that it manages.

The TSF ESA assures the quality of the work in each assignment by:

  • Pre- screening consultant skills, experiences and references
  • Closely matching consultant skills and experience to client needs
  • Assisting clients and consultants to plan and manage assignments for optimum outcomes
  • Monitoring the quality of consultants’ outputs
  • Obtaining client and consultant feedback on each assignment to facilitate and drive continuous quality improvement, including the use of multi-stakeholder peer reviews

4. Technical support planning

In order to maximize the strategic use of technical support, the TSF ESA can work with countries to identify and prioritize their technical support needs. This can be documented in a prioritized TS plan with a component on resource mobilisation, including access to the UNAIDS Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) for qualifying applicants.

5. Facilitating information sharing and capacity development across regions

The TSF ESA is uniquely positioned to share information on common themes in technical support as well as what works in the region. Through our networks, local clients and consultants, and portfolio of assignments, we can identify emerging needs and potential solutions for these countries.

The TSF ESA works to share this information and create opportunities for both consultants and organisational partners to learn and develop, with an emphasis on building local capacity for a sustainable response.